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    Default Philips CDRW/DVD SCB5265 - will not recognize Audio Cds..


    First of all I want to say thank you to anyone offering help for my problem. I have a Dell Inspiron 6000 and the warranty has just expired last month.

    I am having trouble getting my CDRW/DVD drive recognize Audio CDs. I went to the Dell website and have read a lot problems with Dells and this problem happening. I have installed the download for this Drive. I believe that it updated the Firmware ... TD17. After, I got the drive to recognize about 5 or 6 cds and then it just stopped!

    I went to the Philips website and installed Philips Intelligent Agent... to see if there were any updates... but I can't tell if my version of the Firmware is correct. I have uninstalled and restarted to get the computer to recognize the new hardware. I have tried this twice. I am not sure what else to do. The drive plays DVDs, but will not recognize CDs even in the Control Panel.

    If anyone has any suggestions, I would suggest it. Thanks.

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    Try disabling AutoRun
    Do this by opeing My Computer, Click Properties and choose AutoRun
    Choose each type and check the Do Nothing option and check the Always box.
    Each type ha to be done seperately ie DVD, Audio, etc.
    What can happen is with AutoPlay or Run the drive cache is not cleared ot and the drive thinks it still has antother disk in it.
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