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    Default About Acronis True Image...

    I have friends who were very satisfied with the version 9 of Acronis True Image and they strongly suggest it.
    There is a new version 10 for True Image.
    Since new software versions are sometimes problematic, it is hard for me to convince myself to get the new version 10.
    Anybody here have tried both and can compare for advice?


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    Just finished reading an article on Acronis . As a rule we advise that one should hold off for awhile (2-3 months) after a new version is released, just to give time for any major bugs to be ironed out .. if any. Check out a new versions record by going to the manufacturers site and see if there is a forum for Q&A .. see what others are saying about it.

    If you're happy with what your version is doing, why upgrade? I usually wait for at least 2 upgrades before I buy. I'm still using Nero 6 and Office 2000 and am very happy with them.

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    Hi - I use TI9 and really rate it. In my opinion the main benefit of 10 is the added option of being able to browse your TI backup. The downside of Acronis TI Home is their tightfisted licensing of the product to enable use on additional PCs. Basically, unless you want 10+ licenses, you have to purchase additional copies of the program at full price. I have exchanged emails with Acronis about their inflexibility on this licensing issue and, basically, 'tough luck', or similar. This seems to be a very unhelpful, but profitable for Acronis, attitude, for what is sold as a 'Home' product. There are few homes that possess 10+ computers. That said, I do have 10 computers, but have no desire to install TI on all of them, only 2/3, the rest are just 'boys toys' to tinker with. I am not prepared to pay full price for further copies, or a reduced rate for upgrades. Personally, I am sick to death of software manufacturers 'dripfeeding' changes and 'improvements' to the buying public and using it as a means of screwing more money out of us.
    I think it's time to further investigate the options of free programmes that perform the same task. At the end of the day it may be Acronis's financial loss, but they will have nobody to blame but themselves. It's a pity really because, as I have already stated, I really rate TI.
    Rant over. Regards.
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