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    Default Strange DirectX error

    Hi All,

    Ok I often play the game of Call of Duty 2 online. I have had no problems up until recently when for some strange reason I would receive a DirectX error saying that it had encountered an unrecoverable error when trying to load maps. Than recently the problem got worse, to the point where I could not run the game at all nor in safe mode, with the same error as before being received when first starting the executable.

    I have looked at all the issues in the DirrectX help that was displayed when I received this error and all are fine, the dxdiag comes back with no errors, I have reinstalled the game and have defragged made sure no traces were let, cleaned the registry and checked for viruses. The other strange thing is that all my other games work yet no matter if I reinstall or whatever I still can’t play Call of Duty 2.

    If any one has an suggestions I would be very grateful as I have had no problems with this game and have been playing with it since January, I just don’t understand what’s wrong and why its the only game effected if there is a serious error.


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