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    I have the full McAfee Security package and recenly downloaded a major upgrade. Now my PC is running much slower. Are the two connected and, if so, how can I get around it?
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    Hi reddog - This from McAfee's own support - I suggest you check with McAfee re your postion downloading upgrade again, you don't want to be hit with another payment if another download is necessary. Regards.
    You can try these steps:

    Disable Anti-Phishing:
    Right click on the ‘M’ icon
    Click ‘Open SecurityCenter’
    Click ‘Internet & Network’
    Click ‘Configure’
    Click ‘Phishing protection’
    Click ‘Off’ to disable it.

    Disable Script Scanner:
    Double click the M icon to open SecurityCenter.
    Click Computer and Files and then Configure on the right box.
    Click Script Scanning is enabled.
    Click Off.

    Disable the Windows XP Firewall (if not disabled already):
    1. Click on Start and then Control Panel.
    2. Click on the Security Center icon.
    3. Click on the Windows Firewall icon beneath the status updates.
    4. Click Off (not recommended) and then click OK.

    Use MCPR.exe to do a complete removal. Check if the Internet connection works normally.
    If it does, do a custom install in the following order:
    Privacy Service
    Check if your Internet connection works after installing each of these programs.
    You can install the rest of the programs after installing the above.

    Also re MCPR.exe -

    Click on this link and save that MCPR.exe file, then you need to double click on it. This MCPR.exe file will help you in removing all McAfee products from the computer.
    A download for MCPR.exe is available at this link -
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