I have an ASUS P4P800 SE mb with an Intel 3.2 Pentium (Prescott) 800MHz CPU. The C drive is a Seagate SCSI Cheetah formatted to NTSF and contains WinXP Home edition with SP2 and various programs. Data is held on an IDE and a SATA drive. The SCSI is driven by a times 2 PCI Adaptec card with 2 outlet shielded cable. Everything works very well.

I am trying to clone my C drive to a second SCSI that is exactly the same as the C drive. My intent is that if the first drive fails (I've had 2 in a row fail recently) I can just instal the clone and discard the dud). The second drive is seen by both the Adaptec card firmware (low level formats OK) and the BIOS. It is also seen by the WinXP registry and I have turned on "Full Permissions" therein. However, it is not seen by WinXP in Disk Management. I have tried both BIOS and PnP control, but to no avail. Also, I have the drive ID's and the termination set properly.

I disconnected all the other drives and formatted the new drive to NTSF (so WinXP thought it was the only drive) without any problems. Would an obvious solution be to make the new drive active? If so how do I make it active if WinXP doesn't even see it? Indeed, how do I do anything WinXP related if it is unseen?

Any help and advice would be much appreciated. Sorry this was so long.