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    Default Sony Recovery Disks do not work after hard drive replacement

    I have a Sony VGC-RB30. The hard drive crashed, and I bought a new one so I can attempt to recover the data on the old drive. The recovery disks state that they cannot be installed on this system (apparently because there is a different hard drive). Is there a way around this problem? Will it work if I buy another Segate Barracuda (the same type that crashed)? Sony says I need to go to an authorized Sony Center, but I refuse to give them more money! I greatly appreciate your help!

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    Recovery disks are written for (coded) for specific computers. If you make a major hardware change (like replacing the hard drive) they will no longer function as you found out. I recommend you call Sony support and explain to them that the hard drive failed so you had to replace it. If the person you speak with refuses to help you ask to speak to a supervisor. There isn't anything anyone here can do to solve this problem it's something you will have to work out with Sony. Sorry, other members may have some ideas but I don't at this time.
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