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    Default compaq presario 5000 - hard drive shut down?

    I have a Compaq Presario 5423US that I got back in '02. Its 1.6ghz proc, 512mb ram. Hard drive is 80g Maxtor (original that came with comp)

    Since having the computer, I've had to replace the power supply with a new one - about a year ago or less.

    Recently my computer started acting up... not necessarily freezing (as no matter what you could move the mouse).. but to get a program to do something, or load or anything it would not do anything for awhile. It really seems like the HD is not responding.
    [at first I thought I might have a virus because my settings would be messed up when I would reboot, for example the Quick Launch bar was turned off, but a scan didnt find anything]

    When checking the Task Programs box, under Performance tab it said CPU 100% which I know is not good.. but I couldnt find out what the problem was if it wasnt the HD.

    Ive been dealing with this problem for about 2 weeks now, Ive been trying to save all my stuff. Well today, the computer shut off on its own. [I should note when I came in my room and found this I did notice a smell.. like plastic I guess.. but I dont know if it was from the computer or from outside as my window faces the street]

    [I should insert here that when my power supply died, the computer would stay on longer when it had been off for a period of time... the shorter period it was off the quicker it turned off.. due to overheating. The CPU light in the front of the computer sometimes would turn red]

    Several times today I have been rebooting and rebooting and the above I just mentioned has occured where the whole thing shuts down and I get the red light, but other times it turns on like normal.. but the screen is blank. Or it starts to load windows then 'shuts down' yet the power is still up because the CPU light is still green.

    Could a bad HD cause this? Or am I facing a reality that my new power supply bit the dust too?

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    Hi - I don't think it's the power suuply. Sounds/Smells like something more serious/expensive. Check inside for obvious signs of melted plastic or burnt out components. Did you do anything to sort out the CPU overheating problem indicated by the red light? Have you checked fans are running and the inside of the unit is clean/dust free?
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