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    Default windows explorer and media player problems

    not sure i can explain this but it used to be that i could open music files direct from explorer eg it would open and play a sample via wmp. I did download explorer 7 and WMP 11 but found that i couldnt get on with them so rolled back . Why has this happened any ideas how i can get back to normal.



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    IE 7 is still suffering from bugs, I recommend holding off downloading for at least a couple of months .. it was released too soon I feel. As far as WMP 11, these are my comments on another post ..
    MS has changed the format somewhat in that every song by default is classified by album and this cannot be changed. MS has been getting quite a bit of negative feedback on this feature. Also beware of the permissions you allow in the Tools> Options sections, especially on the Privacy tab (I don't have a single check mark on this page, the tab should be rightly be called "Giving up your Privacy".

    If you can work around the above, the program is set out in quite an easy format .. takes a bit of getting used to .. if only the Album column could be switched off!!
    . Hope this helps.