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    Default Is it posibblel to play PS2 on my computer

    Is it posible to play my playstation on my computer monitor:
    I have a:
    MB: Intel D101
    CPU: Intel pentium4 3.2
    Mem 1GB
    Video: NVIDIA GEForce 7600GS 512MB
    Sound: Sound blaster Audigy

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    Yes, and there are a couple ways to do this. First, you could get a VGA adapter for your Playstation--these, on a brief search, seem to run around $50, presuming you're running in the United States--and plug that into your monitor and go that way. Alternately, there exist Playstation emulators, the foremost of which being Bleem!, but the legality of the usage of such things is fairly questionable, and even so they're not 100% accurate in their emulation (and I'm not sure whether they've advanced to being able to handle PS2 software instead of just PSX)--use at your own discretion. Hooking up the sound is an entirely different can of worms, though, and is fairly likely to require an additional piece of hardware.
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