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    Default had to replace the HDD, now can't access my Bank ...?

    I recently had to take my new computer into the manufactures service office,
    And they had to replace the HDD, and install all the OS, etc; I am as before using Windows XP Pro Media Edition, in the past before having the HDD problem I use to be able to access my on line bank account web page , with no problem
    The web site was in my internet options trusted sites, and it would access the banks
    SSL 128 bit Encryption with no problems.

    Now I come to use my computer, after putting the banks web site address into the Trusted sites option, when I try to access the bank web site, it accesses it Ok, but will
    Not open the web page, all it say’s in the bottom left hand of the screen is..Done

    I have not as yet made any alterations to the new settings in the internet options
    As I did in the past, could this not being able to access the bank web site be any
    Thing to do with all the internet options being set at default..? if so any ideas what needs to be altered with the internet options settings..? to enable me to access my bank account again …..

    I have followed the instructions at the Microsoft web site…..

    but still no luck , any one got an Idea what to do next please.

    Thanks …………Mypenry

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    Hi -Try this - Open IE. 'Tools'(Top toolbar)>'Internet Options'>'Advanced' tab>Scroll down to sub-heading 'Security'. Are the boxes, 'Use SSL 2.0 and 3.0', checked? If not, 'check' them and see if this helps. Best if you note any changes you make (pen and paper) so that you can change them back if you want. Regards.
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