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    Default Upgrading video card & power supply

    Great site! You have the right to feel proud of yourselves!

    I purchased a HP Pavillion a1640n Media Center. I love the video editing component, but I would like to play games like Battlefield and F.E.A.R. I've done hours of online research and came to the conclusion that I need at least a GeForce 7600 video card or equivalent. I also realized that I'll need a new power supply. One that matches or exceeds 400 watts.

    My questions are:

    1. Once I buy a video card I'd like to be able to play current games for at least two years. What card should I buy? What card will supply the most bang for my buck?

    2. Is there a good website resource that will help me match up a more powerful power supply to my HP a1640n so I don't buy the wrong power supply unit for my computer?

    3. Any advice on what brands of power supply units to purchase?

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    Power Supply Units are not all the same. Check the actual connections your current one has and make sure the new one matches them. As for mounting that is standard.
    With the Video Card they update just about daily so you cannot expect todays card to run new games in two years.
    No one can predict what will happen by then.
    You have a choice of spending big bucks on the latest and greatest of less mular on one generation back. Often the difference between models is small.
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    Video card depends on your budget. But if you want something that will last 2 years, now is probably not the best time to buy in all honesty.

    You will definately want a PCI-E card (not pci) but your motherboard has to support pci-e. With one exception all graphics cards lately are DX9. The first DX10 card is out but is expensive and somewhat unproven. Wait a few months (i.e when vista is released) and lots more dx10 cards will arrive at a more sensible prices and probably be better than the early dx10 cards.

    It is always hard to know when to buy because something better is always just around the corner. However DX10 is a big step in video games. Prepare to be blown away by the graphics. Of course you will also need a good cpu, ram etc. PC gaming aint cheap unfortunately.

    You could buy a top of the range AGP card now, and it will be OK for a while. But by one year minimum I'm guessing you will be wanting to upgrade again if you like smooth eye candy.

    If I was forced to by a current card right now it would be the ati x1900xt (pci-e) but I'm hanging on a few months for something much better.