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    hi. i would like someone's expertise on this matter.

    I got a USB to SATA/IDE cable. My laptop's power connector (the pin) broke so while i sent the laptop in for repairs, i took my harddrive out and connected it to the above cable. i was over my friends house at the time and when i connected the cable into his comp, it worked fine and i was able to import my laptop HD files onto an external. then i went and tried the same thing in my comp. my comp detected that something was in my usb drive but when i opened "my comp" to try and access the drive, the drive wasn't even there. i plugged it into all 4 usb ports on my comp and i tried rebooting my comp. nothing. why would my comp detect the drive but not show it on the "my comp" section. please help. sorry. i have win xp pro running on comp. not in front of my comp, so i cant really tell you much else.

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    You may need to reinstall the USB drivers
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