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    Default video playback skipping

    I'm using Nero essentials video software that came with a new internal dvd drive, and having problems with video playback. I recorded analog video onto my dv camcorder, then captured that with the Nero software. The video was fine during capture, but then in previewing it skipped every few seconds of video (audio seemed ok). Also, it refuses to burn onto my dvd-r discs. Any ideas/suggestions?

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    What version of Windows do you have installed?
    What speed is your CPU?
    How much ram do you have installed?
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    What you see is not what you get.
    A DV camera is not the best method of converting alolog to digital. Cameras were not designed for that purpose although it is one way of avoiding buying a capture card.
    But here lies the problem. Anolog to digital to digital. What you were seeing during this process is the cameras picture not what was ending up on the computer. The problem here is the frame rate Nero is capturing from the camera which it would assume is a raw original digital video.
    A lot has been lost in translation
    The recommended way is by a capture card and capture direct from the anolog source.
    A capture card will code the video correctly with little or no errors.
    You can try and repeat what you did but lower the fram rate to around 15 frames per second and see if the final result is better.
    Burning to a DVD , well that is another story and a frustrating one at that.
    It depends on what type of format Nero creates. Whatever it is it has to be converted to the proper DVD format. That requires the right software. Even then there is usually sound synch problems are aghhhh hair pulling frustration.
    The easy way>>> Buy a capture card that burns direct to a DVD.
    No converting no, frustration. Only downside is you would have to do any editing on the camera.
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