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    I need some VERY simple instrutions on how to do a system restore. I think I did everyhing it said to do in the online intructions ,but cannot get the restoration to take place. Always says it cannot be restored. So any help would be appreciated.. Thank You Very Much

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    Hi - The fact that it doesn't restore does not necessarily mean that you are doing something wrong, there may be a problem with 'System Restore' itself.
    To carry out a 'System Restore' -
    'Start'>'All Programs'>'Accessories'>'System Tools'>'System Restore.
    This opens the 'System Restore' Wizard.
    Make sure the button, 'Restore My Computer to An Earlier Time', is checked (click on the small circle to the left)
    The 'Select a Restore Point' Window opens. Ypu will see two small screens. On the left, a calendar, and on the right another small window.
    If there are any 'Restore Points' available these dates will be indicated in 'bold'.
    Clicking on one of these bold dates will give you any 'Restore Points', available for that particular date, detailed in the right-hand window. There may be more than one 'Restore Point listed in the right-hand window. You can click on one of these 'Points' in the right-hand window, and then click 'Next'.
    The 'Confirm Restore Point Selection' window opens. Read this page and, assuming this is the point that you want to 'Restore' back to, click 'Next'
    The system will 'Restore' and reboot back to the date/time you selected.
    You will be given an option to 'Undo' the Restore. This will take your system back to where it was when you started the 'System Restore' process.

    If you have no bold dates in the calendar then 'System Restore' could be turned off or malfunctioning. To check that 'System Restore' is turned on.
    'Start'>'Control Panel'>Double click 'System', this opens 'System Properties'>Click on 'System Restore'.
    You will see a small square box alongside the heading 'Turn on/off System Restore', does it give you the option to turn 'System Restore' on or off - which of these two options?
    If it gives you the option to 'Turn on System Restore', then click in the small square box and a 'tick' will appear. Go to the bottom right of the same page and click' Apply' and 'OK'.
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