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    Default flash player k8923789 security update

    Iam running windows xp home edition, with zone alarm , and agv antivirus.
    I have a problem with the msn security update yellow shield in the tray.
    Everytime I open my internet connection, I get the update(flashplayer K8923789) download info.
    I have downloaded and clicked install but I always get the information box reading."the version of Macromedia Flash you have installed does not match the update you are trying to install."
    I have downloaded and installed the Adobe flash player 9 and then tried to install the security update, and the same notice appears.
    What do I do to get rid of the security icon? I have tried " run the regsv32 MSXMLS3.DLL," as suggested on a previous posting, but it didn help.
    Thanks for any suggestions, Cheers Sandy

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    Go here and try a manual download . Please be more accurate when quoting errors or messages, it is KB..... and not K8....... . If this download is not successful, and you have downloaded IE7, it may be a bug in the new IE7 program, in which case I would suggest uninstalling IE7 and try downloading it again in a couple of months when the bugs have been ironed out. Keep us posted