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    Default DVD/CD Rom not recognized by computer

    I have an HP Pavilion zt1130 laptop. It was my daughter’s computer and worked well for her. After the dog chewed up the power cord and she bought a new PC, her old lap top sat in a closet for over two years and fell into a poor state of repair, including a broken power port on the mother board. I took it and decided to take it apart and play with it just to see if I could get it powered up again. After fixing the broken mother board connecter with “liquid nails” to my astonishment it came to life and started windows without a hitch.
    Now to the problem: The DVD/CD Rom device (Panasonic UJDA 720) does not work. It has power going to it. It ejects when the button is pushed and it “tries” to read a disc or DVD, but somewhere along the way the driver was lost from the system. When I downloaded the driver from the internet it downloaded just fine and appears to install, but the driver does not show up in the list of drivers offered by the “Add Hardware Wizard”. There are no CD or DVD drivers installed at all and the computer does not have a clue that there is such a device in existence. No menu lists any hardware that is a DVD or CD rom. The BIOS configuration Utility lists “DVD/CD Rom = none” I have tried to update the BIOS but get the message “no updates available” I have also reset the BIOS to “defalt settings” but this has not helped.

    I can’t understand why installing the driver did not fix the problem. This computer simply does not recognize the existence of a CD/Rom or DVD.

    Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!



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    I had the same problem with an old Dell laptop, and I had to replace the drive.

    Got a used one of ebay for about 50-60.00 USD