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    My first problem is when I double click on my peoplepc icon to connect,I have this thing that pops up and says hdsdappcoreapp needs to install.I have to click cancel 3 times before my peoplepc pops up to connect.If I click ok it still doesn't work.It looks like it installs and pops up an error window.It just keeps going in circles.I know I must've deleted something important before when I was cleaning out my programs.I tried to go back 3 days in the system restore but that didn't work.It reinstalled everything else and it still pops up.

    Another problem I get is when I'm online.This thing pops up and says Generic Host Process For Win 32 has encountered a problem and needs to close.If I ignore it then I can stay online.If I click ok then it throws me off the internet and all my icons get really weird looking.If I try to connect to the internet after that it says error 623:cannot find phone book entry.I have to shut it down and start it back up to get back online.Can anyone help me?

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    Hi - For your first problem go to this link - there is a utility that should end this process (you will need to scroll down for the download). I suggest you read all the instructions before commencing.;en-us;290301
    For your 623 error - go to this link - The instructions to sort this out are detailed there.
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