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    Default my dvd drive does not read cds

    i have an acer travelmate 4070 series (4270LMI, PIV, 1.7GHz, 512MB RAM, 60 GB HDD, DVD-dual double layer ( support dvd+r double layer/dvd+- rw). my dvd is working fine before last week. one day i tried to read a scratch cd but it can't. then i take out from the drive and i replaced with other then suddenly my laptop shown the cd is blank. i tried with all other kind of cds but all shown blank. but it works fine with audio cd. when i insert any cd, it shows it as iff it is blank and try to write on it. when i tried to write on it, it said invalid cd.
    but the standard cd (like driver cd, executable cd but not recorded as data cds) works fine and read and can copy from the cd. the dvd-drive can read the dvds also.
    i have also done twice factory configuration but the problem does not solve. so anyone can help me? i need your help. i am trying to format my HDD but i worry if it not work. the cd drive also does not boot from bootable cd.

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    Data CD's are read differently than Audio CD's. It is possible that the scratched CD changed the laser's alignment.
    What you can try is disable AutoRun just in case the drive is having problems with it's cache.
    * Run the "Registry Editor" ("Start | Run |Type RegEdit.exe | ENTER")
    * Double click on "Autorun"
    * Change the value from "1" to "0"

    If this fails to fix the problem then turn off the system, unplug it, remove the drive altogether, Startup. Repeat the above but this time install the drive and allow Windows to find the driver.
    If this fails buy a new drive.
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