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    Default Windows 2000 video issue!!

    hi dear friends.

    I'm having a little issue with mi pc video. the screen is getting black everytime , it takes like 20 seconds or less to get black, i checked the video settings and everything look fine, there is not turn off monitor or standby option aveliable.

    Every time the image gone or the video i have to clic on , but in about 20 seconds mi screen gets black again.I was watching a DVD when this issue started.

    Thanks in advanced.

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    First thing to do is update the drivers for your graphics card and monitor.
    Make sure there is enough ventilation around the screen. That reminds me is the monitor a LCD or normal one?
    The system may be getting too hot so clean out the inside making sure the fans are clean and working. An extra case fan would not go astray.
    Also degause the monitor. This is done by using the controls on the monitor itself.
    If all this fails have the monitor check out by a technician.
    You could also try it on another system or try another monitor on yours.
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