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    Default Uninstall software

    I have put a slave hard drive from another computer I had in to my current computer. I want to install new software on the slave drive and run the software from the slave drive, there's not enough room left on the main drive. :cry:
    The slave drive currently has Windows XP and some other software that I want to uninstall. :lol:
    First question: :?: Can I install new software onto the slave drive if I remove XP? i.e. Do I need XP as an Operating System?
    Second question: When I go into "Add or Remove Programs" the software on the slave drive does not show but if I use Windows Explorer it is there. :?: How do I uninstall the unwanted software properly - and safely?
    Can anybody help me please :? ?

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    If you are booting into the master drive, for the most part, the software on the slave drive will not be usable. The reason being is because most (virtually ALL) software is installed into folders and it's configuration settings are stored in something called the registry. The registry is loaded by windows depending on which system you boot into (master/slave). If you boot into the windows install on the master, it loads that registry and therefore you can't use the software on the slave drive or even uninstall it because it doesn't have the uninstall information for the slave drive software in the loaded registry. If you want to use that drive as an always secondary drive, I'd recommend backing up any important data on that drive and then formatting it. After formatting it you can install any software onto that drive but making sure to change the drive letter during the program setup to the slave drive's drive letter.

    Sorry if this is confusing. This is about the best I can explain it.