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    Default Closing Svc host- loses audio but fixes internet

    I have a problem with my computer, currently connected to wireless internet and using the signal 802.11b.

    When i close the svchost.exe from my process list , my internet connection gets fixed (the problem with it, is when pl;aying games (planetside) i get connection problems consantly, every 20 seconds or so i will freeze on the screen like a packet loss which lats for a couple seconds then recitifies itself, however when i close svchost, its gone and works perfectly.

    The reason i decided to close svchost, is because i had this same problem before 3 years ago on another pc, and it solved the problem them at the cost of the audio then too if i recall, well i was just wondering if there was any way to fix both my conenction and keep my audio.

    Thanks very much

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    SVhost services are generally essential for the running of Windows. Often there are several of these running and it is hard to figure out which does what.
    I would suggest your problem is more of a conflict with the WiFi setup and the sound card.
    If the sound card is an actual card try moving it to a different PCI slot. If you have onboard sound invest in a sound card.
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