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    Default Computer will not start up

    Hello everyone.

    I think my computer might have finally croaked but I wanted to run it by you guys to see if anyone has any ideas.

    I was running MemTest 86 on my computer using a boot CD because I was getting some memory errors from the BSOD. I ran the test on one stick of RAM then shut off the computer, disconnected the power and changed the sticks of RAM. The whole time I was very careful to keep one hand on the metal case to prevent static buildup. Both sticks came up fine so I put the other one back in and went to fire up up the computer and nothing The fan turns on in the power source but there is no beeps, no noise from the hard drive, nothing shows up on the moniter, nothing. I tried switching the ram, using one, put ram from a working computer in it still nothing. Is there anything I can check or should I look into a new computer?

    Don't know if it makes a difference but I was running WinXP. If there is any other info you need let me know.
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    Hi Clark76

    It sounds very similar to my daughters computer recently ... absolutely nothing worked, the only sign of life at all was a light on the mobo... there's a couple of threads on this forum which detail everything I went through ...

    I swapped out just about everything, but in the end I had to replace the mobo & reinstall the OS ... it's easy enough to get all your files off using knoppix, so don't worry about that at this stage ...

    When you press the start button, the bios chip on the mobo, the CPU and the power supply all inter-react with each other to perform checks & start the boot process ... the mobo in my daughters computer showed no signs of damage, melted caps, burn marks, no smell of anything over-heating ... so the fact that you get NO bleeps at all (forgetting all the other things that don't work) says to me, the bios chip is fried...

    This is only my opinion from personal experience ... someone else may suggest something different...

    But a new mobo will be cheaper than a new computer ... the one I got cost £24.11 ... £37.73 with Tax & delivery

    this thread might be worth you having a look at :-,23928/

    & here's my old thread :-,23604/

    Post back with any & all questions you may have...

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    had a smilar issue a few months back, after putting in a new garphics card in my PC, it died, wouldn't even post, no beeps or anything, fan spun up, hardrives powered up, but nothing else.

    after taking it a shop to have it looked at, and being informed i had fired my proccessor and he would replace the m/b and cpu and psu for a mere £120 + labour, i foolish enough to say yeah, as i needed my pc back for work and my g/f needed it for uni.

    2 days later called the shop to arrange pick up, only to be told still not working and he was at a loss. i took the machine home, and fitted some new ram stick, and bobs ure uncle, it work! needless to say i was done royally by the shop and never intend to go near them again :lol:

    so you can try a new m/b or try new ram as it worked for me.