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    Default Suddenly Full Hard Drive

    While running a wiper program only to wipe unused space and temp. files (etc.) I noticed that upon completion that my whole drive was suddenly full. What do I do?
    I loaded and ran the CCleaner program to start and prior to running the defrag program I uninstalled as many programs that I could to give the defrag program room to work but was only able to free up 1% of the drive.
    When I ran the defrag program I hoped that it would do exactly that defrag all the files and open up space on the Hard Drive but it could not. So instead of having over 50% of my hard drive available (which was what I had before the wiper program) I now have 1%. Instead of having the available area of the disk highlighted in white it's nearly all red.
    Any Idea's to get my hard drive back to normal?

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    If your PC is running well, other than the lack of space, click on My Computer > Properties > System Restore tab. You'll note that by default, the space reserved for System Restore, is 12%. This is far too much eg on a 100 GIG drive = 12 GIGs of space. In order to change this, you'll need to turn off System Restore (you will lose all restore points) > OK. Then, uncheck the box to stop restore, and set the slider bar to about 3 to 4% which will give you ample restore points. Reboot your PC, use CCleaner and then do a defrag. Keep us posted.

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    When for no apparent reason your blank HD space disappears it is generally caused by a virus or trojan.
    Update you anti virus data files and run a scan.
    I suggest you do this is Safe Mode.
    As suggested by Cunnuk this wil also assure you that if their is a virus is hiding in a restore point it will also be removed.
    other possible causes if no virus is found is a corrupt file that is creating files.
    Look under the root directory, Ususally C: and look for any large file that has a series of numbers for it's name. Providing it is not the page file or any system file then delete it.
    Run the XP disk cleanup utility in the Start/All Programs/Accessories/System Tool folder and recheck to see if that file has been removed. Burn a copy of this file before deleting it just in case.
    Any other file with a .bak or tmp extention can also be removed.
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