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    Default unable to turn off read only attribute in windows vista

    i need to turn off the read-only attribute on a folder on a vista machine, but every time i do it, vista sets it back to read-only. currently, i am the only user on the computer, so i am always logged in as the administrator. Will someone please help me with this issue?

    here's my situation. i have two computers. A Dell desktop running XP and an E-machines desktop running Vista. Both pc's are connected to a router, and are able to communicate with each other on the network. I am able to see one from the other both ways. Now I have intuit's quickbooks installed on both so that either pc can access the data file residing in the Vista machine. I am able to open the file from the Vista machine. However, when i try to open it from the XP machine, the Vista machine that hosts the data file won't allow me to access the file. Intuit's tech support says that i have to turn off the read only attribute on the folder containing the data file, but vista won't let me! Please help!

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    You may need to slowly work your way through the folder by changing
    any read only attribute flag in EACH file within the folder before you
    can clear the folder's read only attribute.