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    Default 2-yr old PC doesn't recognize mouse, keyboard, & freezes

    My computer is only a little over 2 yrs--an insignia (bestbuy brand) that's been tremendously efficient til now. Runs version of windows right before vista (one after win2000.) Have plenty of memory avail (maybe 10 of 30 GB used.)

    Now it only recognizes the mouse and keyboard right when it turns on, but loses them a couple minutes afterward.

    Worse, the reboot time takes 3-5 min (as opposed to the old 60 sec) and the screen freezes constantly now, just a few minutes after getting it turned on.

    Norton 360 definitely slowed it down 3-4 mos. ago when it was installed, but no major problems. Now we're having problems after moving the computer (but handling it gently.) I've opened it up and see nothing loose and get the same shutdown response from the keyboard after plugging it into each of the different USB ports.

    Help me, as I'm trying to get new net access since moving 3 wks ago. I'll donate not only to this site, but your favorite charity for helping me resolve the problems. I can forward a phone number if easier, or would be glad to call in.

    Many thanks!


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    If the pc has been handled gently, and its only after moving it the problem has occured, i would think its a connection problem between your keyboard/mouse and the computer. From what you say, it sounds like this is a wireless setup? (from the mention of the usb ports).

    Is it possible to borrow a keyboard and mouse that connect to the purple/green ports designed specifically for the keyboard and mouse? maybe from a friends computer?

    i just want to rule out the possibility of a malfunctioning USB system.

    does the pc enter windows at all? or fail on the boot process?

    Also watch for other advice... we have better troubleshooters than me here :wink:
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