More of an annoyance than a problem:

When i go to start FireFox (be it from the desktop icon, the quicklaunch icon or from 'programs/FireFox') it comes up with the user account verification warning (you know the one that appears every time you try to change a setting?). This has never happened before, and i don't know of a point at which this started happening, i just know its only been doing it a week or so.

Short of uninstalling and re-installing FireFox, does anyone know why this has started to happen? or if theirs a way to stop it asking everytime, without disabling the feature altogether?

i know theirs a registry fix for the complete halt of this, but i only want it to stop asking when FireFox is opened.

one thing i have noticed is, my xp version updated last week, but i dont remember the vista one updating. maybe i missed it and this caused it, but why?