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    Default Scanner makes bar down page

    I have a HP PSC 1510 all in one printer, and the scanner has been having problems. When ever I scan an image this fuzzy bar shows up on the image. I've attached a picture of what it looks like. This is only the scanner, the printer hasn't had any problems. I've cleaned it over and over again, even took it apart and cleaned underneath the glass, no help.

    Is my scanner a goner?



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    Have a look at the glass on the scanner, and try to remember where the mark appears on the page.

    you'll probably notice a white 'ribbon' folded over at this point, connected to the moving bar.

    this cable is what supplies the computer with the information recieved from the bar.

    If you look at a scan carefully (trying not to blind yourself!) you'll see this ribbon moves along with the bar, unfolding as it moves.

    unfortunatly in your case, the ribbon has touched the glass, leaving a mark on the underside of the glass that is extremely hard to clean.

    if you were confident enough to remove this glass, and clean it properly, you will still find this leads to more problems, as dust particles will enter the cavity.

    unless you can get it professionally cleaned, i'm afraid its a problem your just going to have to put up with, or replace the scanner..

    sorry for the bad news!!
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