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    Default Safely Remove Hardware External Hard Drive cannot be stopped

    Hi all (Again!)

    The other problem I have now (!) is with the external Hard Drive I am backing up my Laptop files and folders onto.

    When I click the "Safely Remove Hardware" icon and ask it to stop the external Hard Drive so I can remove it, I get the error message:

    "The device "Generic volume" cannot be stopped right now. Try stopping the device again later."

    I have had this error message since last Tuesday when I fixed the original error message (see earlier Topic) and so daren't unplug it or turn it off in case I lose everything again.

    Is it safe to close down my laptop and then remove the External Hard Drive?

    Or should I do something else to make it safe?

    Thanks again in advance!


    Laptop: Dell Inspiron 4000
    Pentium 3 600mhz
    256mb Level 2 cache
    512 RAM
    75gb Hitachi Hard Drive
    25gb Free Space
    Windows XP Professional

    External Hard Drive:
    Seagate FreeAgent Desktop Drive
    USB 2.0 250gb
    7200 spindle speed

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    in my experience with external drives, this is common... in fact, instead of being 'hot swappable' in vista, i MUST shut down the pc before i remove it.

    i think thats because i have a program that downloads directly too it tho, so of course it will be in use.

    also look at things like windows media player using MP3's for a playlist, using files from the drive etc.

    Wait for others to reply, but i am confident removing the drive when shut down will be ok, as long as you are not disconecting it whilst power is going too it. (based on my experience of it)
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