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    Default what is this??????

    I recently noticed the other day that I had a new folder on my desk top, it's marked %userprof. when you click on it, it opens showing application data, and when you click on that it opens, microsoft after that cryptneturlcache,system certificates and which opens content and metadata, click on contents and it gives a bunch of files but they won't open. what do you think they are and how do you suppose they got here?

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    hmmmn, my first guess is a windows update that has not installed correctly,

    that folder and contents is part of changes that were made to the CryptoAPI certificate chain validation logic in Microsoft Windows XP Service Pack 2 (i copied and pasted that )

    More info Here

    that folder seems to have been put there instead of loading into the folder it should have, This conclusion has been got to because of "%userprof", that should have a second % to make it a variable filename, so it is placed in the userprofile section of your setup.

    my honest opinion is just delete it, as nothing critical is held on the desktop, but feel free to wait for others input.

    Another option is to right click the file and choose properties, then check the 'hidden' box, that way its still there but isnt in your line of sight.
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    I agree with MrDarn to delete the file. It most likely was to go into temp files but something went wrong. If as MrDarn thinks it was an update, after deleting file, run ccleaner ( ) reboot and do a windows update. Chances are that it updated OK, just left some garbage behind.