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    Default windows Messenger 5.1

    I have Windows messenger 8.5 on my pc which is used by our daughter for chat. So that we are able to monitor for safety we installed a programme called Web watcher by Awareness Technologies. The problem is that this is not recording chat and I have been told by their Tech Support that I have to download Messenger 5.1 as well so that the software will recognize this and record. But when I try to download I/M 5.1 it will not install on my PC even when I have un-installed I/M 8.5 can anyone tell me if this is because I have vista on my PC and it won’t install older versions of messenger.

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    I'm not to sure about your question in general, but messenger has a built in chat logger, so i dont see the need for external programs...

    to enable this, sign into the messenger account you wish to start logging.

    on the screen where all the contact names are displayed, you will see your username (or display name) at the top, with an arrow next to it pointing down. click this arrow and choose 'options' from the menu.

    in this options window, click the 'messages' link on the left hand side.

    near the bottom of this new screen is an option to "automatically keep a history of my conversations" in the "message history" section.
    Below this you can state the folder to save the messages too.

    if you wish this to go unnoticed, please ensure the "show my last conversation in new window" box stays unchecked, click apply and ok.

    to review the conversations, goto the default folder by clicking 'start' then 'documents' then 'my recieved files' then 'history' then chose the reacord you wish to view.

    should the file open in notepad, you'll see its basically gibberish, if this happens right click the file, choose 'open with' and select your web browser from the list.