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    Hi everyone,

    I'm new to the site and not at all computer minded!!!

    Quick background to my problem..... bought myself a new Ipod which apparently needs a newer version of itunes that the one I use now. Downloaded it today, expecting it to be pretty straightforward, but it says I need service pack 2 which I dont have to intall it. I then downloaded SP2 but keep getting a message saying something about needing to contact the system administrator to make changes.

    This laptop was given me a couple of years ago by a friend who I am no longer in touch with so have no idea about the system administrator thing.

    Is there anyway I can get around this problem? If I went and actually brought a disc with service pack 2 on would I still get the same message if I tried to install it?

    Any advice would be really appreciated, but like I said I'm not computer minded at all so please keep it simple lol!!!

    Thanks, Jo

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    Hi Jo, check your user settings on your account.

    start>control panel> users

    click you account to see the settings, you should have administrator settings.

    SP2 should be available through windows updates as well
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