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    Default XP to Windows 7 Upgrade - yes it is possible!

    One problem that Microsoft don't seem interested in solving is the option to directly upgrade from XP to Windows 7. The simple answer is, you can't - not according to them anyway.

    That's surprising considering that so many declined to upgrade to Vista and that there are a huge number of XP users out there, all of whom are potential new customers for Windows 7.

    As that includes me, the thought of doing a clean install is out of the question. I have so many programmes, fonts, etc., installed, each with individual customised settings, that the thought of having to reinstall all of them again would fill me with trepidation.

    Consider this.... when Vista was released, it was possible to upgrade from XP with only a few problems - mainly needing to update drivers or, at worst, uninstall old software that wasn't compatible. Now, we are told that Vista can be upgraded to Windows 7 with similar provisos. So why couldn't MS include a basic Vista upgrade integrated into the Windows 7 installation disk? After all, there's plenty of room?

    So would it be possible? Actually, yes it is. It takes a few hours, but that's nothing compared to what a total reinstall would take.

    On a test machine, we ran a Windows Vista Upgrade Advisor on an XP Pro SP2 install and then downloaded all necessary driver updates onto a USB drive. Fortunately, the was only one item of software that was incompatible, so it was uninstalled. We then ran a Vista SP1 Upgrade which installed perfectly. All of the necessary driver updates were installed, but no activation was carried out.

    Next, we ran the Windows 7 Upgrade Advisor (mentioned here). Again, a couple of problems with software, and 7 driver issues. The bad software was uninstalled and drivers downloaded.

    Ran the Windows 7 RC disk and was informed that the upgrade was available, so we selected that. It took just 50 minutes.

    In total, it took about 4 hours, and that included several driver tweaks.

    This isn't rocket science, but if you want to upgrade from XP to Windows 7, it is possible. Yes, you need a Vista SP1 or SP2 installation disk, but most users know someone with one of those. You will need to use the Serial Key that goes with the disk, but as activation isn't required, that shouldn't be a problem. After all, the Vista install is no more than a stepping stone towards the Windows 7 install and exists for no more than a few minutes.

    Now, why can't MS do a version of that?

    That was all done this morning, so we'll see how it goes over the next few weeks.

    Full details of upgrade and migration options can be found here.

    Details on how to upgrade from Vista to Windows 7 can be found here.


    It's been announced that the final version of Windows 7 will be released to enterprise customers in August 2009 with a general release in October. Hopefully, it'll allow easy upgrade from XP to Windows 7.


    It didn't.
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