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    Default The Business of Rogueware

    Anyone thinking that the recent shutdown of Innovative Marketing, Inc. and ByteHosting Internet Services by the FTC would curtail the massive scamware problem that's steadily engulfing the internet, should think again.

    For the uninitiated, scamware is fake software that appears on your screen reporting that your machine is infected with malware and virus's, and which gives you the opportunity of downloading a removal tool for a fee. As most of us know, nothing is ever removed and the money paid is gone forever.

    But surely, not everyone is that gullible, are they? Think again.

    The revenues generated are absolutely huge - even more than drug running, with far less risk, so it's no surprise that organised crime are taking more than a passing interest. And as soon as one organisation is closed down, up pops another, peddling the same crap under another name.

    Sean-Paul Correll and Luis Corrons of Panda Labs set out to discover how widespread the problem is. Their report, published last week, The Business of Rogueware is available as a PDF from here.

    Their Conclusion is chilling!
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