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    Default Norton Security Scan rises again!

    Late 2009 saw the arrival of Norton Security Scan which was available via direct download, or more commonly, as an install option with other software. Many people installed it without realising it and, as a consequence, were nagged constantly thereafter with system scans popping up regularly reporting multiple 'infections'. And, by clicking on the Fix it button, you were taken to a website offering to sell you antivirus software.

    Remind you of anything? It looked so like scamware, it was initially seen as fake and a way of making you pay up!

    And when the NSS software was uninstalled, within 24 hours it was popping up again. Even the Norton Uninstaller Tool couldn't shift it! Eventually Norton had to issue instructions on how to remove it manually. What they forgot to add was that if you didn't uninstall the software that NSS was included with, it would most likely be re-downloaded and the whole thing would start all over again.

    I've seen this thing lots of times, and more worrying is the declaration on the scan window that no AV software was detected on the computer, even though it picks up the installed AV software definitions database and quarantined items as malware.

    Despite the uproar, NSS is still being offered as an install option by a lot of very well-known companies, so if you see it, uncheck the box.

    It seems that the lunatics have finally taken over the asylum!!

    Check out these links for more info...

    Hey, Norton: why does Security Scan behave so much like the malware I remove?

    Norton Security Scan reinstalls automatically when you restart the computer

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