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    Default TIP- How to Shutdown Windows XP Automatically

    How to Shutdown Windows XP Automatically

    You are listening to music on your computer or you watching TV using your TV Tuner on your PC; then fall asleep and the computer is still blazing at the the moment you fall asleep. The computer is still running and can be set to auto shutdown

    Use this simple trick to make the computer automatically shutdown
    You do not need any software


    1. Open command prompt by click Start menu – program – Accessories – Command Prompt or start menu then run or click windows button in the keyboard + R.
    2. After Command Prompt appears type “tsshutdn [time] /POWERDOWN” without (“), for example to shutdown automatically windows XP after 3600 second (one hour), type “tsshutdn 3600 /POWERDOWN” without (“) the press Enter.
    3. If you have entered the proper command, the message appears “system in shutting down in 3600 seconds”. Klik OK at this Pop up windows.
    4. Minimize the Command Prompt windows
    5. Note : don’t close the Command Prompt windows. If closed the timer will not work

    Source: Internet/abs
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