One of our members recently had a problem with losing all power on the USB ports. It turned out to be caused by upgrading a previous version of Kaspersky to the 2011 version.

The following is a copy of the letter sent by Kaspersky....

Dear Sir,

The cause of this issue is old 2010 or 2009 USB miniport drivers not being removed correctly during 2011's installation. This error can be resolved by removing the previous version of Kaspersky using the removal tool or avoided by removing the previous version of Kaspersky before installing 2011.

We need to completely remove Kaspersky and any remnants it may leave behind using a special Kaspersky removal tool.
Please can you download the removal tool from the link below.

Ensure Kaspersky is closed before you run the removal tool, to do this right click the Kaspersky K icon in the bottom right of the screen and select 'Exit'. (Skip if not present)

Please open and run the downloaded file, select Auto detect product from the drop down list, enter the code in the picture and click Remove. The tool will proceed to remove Kaspersky. You may use the Windows virtual keyboard if your keyboard does not work.

If this does not find any installed program, select the appropriate version of Kaspersky from the drop down menu or select <remove all known products>

You will be prompted to restart your computer upon removal of Kaspersky products. Please can you re-run the program however as we will need to remove any other traces of Kaspersky (the first removal should have removed 2011 from the system).
Before clicking on remove, please can you select <remove all known products> from the 'Detected Products' drop down menu, then enter the code and select remove.

Please restart the computer.

Do your USB devices work now?

We have released a patched version of Kaspersky to fix this issue. If all is operational again you may download the new version and install it on the system:

Product Updates and Documentation: Kaspersky Internet Security
If you are suffering from a similar problem and have recently updated Kaspersky 2009 or 2010 to the 2011 version, the above may help.