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    Question Do Windows Vista or Windows 7 need to defragment their PC's ?

    PC users running Windows Vista or Windows 7 need to defragment their PC's hard drive manually once every 30 days or so as a vital part of proper PC maintenance.

    Answer: False. Though the importance of defragmenting your hard drive has long been a contentious issue (we won't go into the details of the controversy here), the answer here hinges on the word "manually"--because Vista and Windows 7 are configured to automatically defragment your hard drive in the background. If you open up the Task Scheduler, you'll see a task named ScheduledDefrag cued for every Wednesday at 1:00 a.m. If your PC isn't on at 1:00 a.m., Windows will defrag in the background the next time your PC is idle.
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    30 days or even using the manual option is too much unless you do a lot of installing/uninstalling software. If you mainly just surf/email or play games most of the time then a defrag can be done as little as every six months to a year.

    On that note I have discovered Puran Defrag Free Edition 7.1. It goes way beyong the normal defrag options in other third party (and Windows) defrag software.

    Main Features

    • Puran Intelligent Optimizer - PIOZR
    • Directories Consolidation for speed boost
    • Optimization by Freeing Space
    • Automatic Defragmentation for worry free defrag
    • Boot Time Defragmentation for system files like MFT
    • Low Priority Defrag for work while defrag experience
    • Individual File/Folder Defrag for selective defrag
    • GUI and Console Command Line Defrag Supported
    • Restart/Shutdown After Boot Time Defragmentation
    • File/Folder Exclusion or exclusion by wildcard facility
    • Native support for 64Bit Windows
    • Supports Windows Xp/2003/Vista/2008/7

    Puran Software - Quality First

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