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    Default Flash cookies can compromise your privacy

    We discussed this privacy issue quite awhile ago, and I must admit, I totally forgot about it until getting the following newsletter Recent Lawsuits Challenge Use of Flash Cookies to Track Online Behavior : Privacy Law Blog As the article states,
    According to the complaints, Clearspring, Quantcast, and Specific Media each develop Flash cookies capable of tracking individual computer users’ online behavior and preferences. The suits allege these companies then partner with the remaining defendants or other third parties to install the Flash cookies and track consumer behavior across the Web. The plaintiffs allege that these Flash cookies remain on a user’s computer even after a user uses the “delete cookies” tool on his or her web browser and are capable of re-installing browser tracking cookies that users previously deleted, thus circumventing a user’s ability to prevent tracking of his or her online behavior. The complaints further allege this is done without the user’s knowledge or consent and is contrary to the defendants’ web site terms of use and privacy policies.
    We also discussed how to delete these flash cookies, here is the fix:

    Adobe - Flash Player : Settings Manager - Website Storage Settings panel

    Note: The page that comes up in the above link are the actual settings on your PC and you can reset your preferences. If, as I have done, you wish privacy, go through each tab and where possible, set the memory to None and check the Never ask again box and click the Delete all sites button.

    Also Note: Ccleaner and other cleaners do not clear these cookies from your PC.

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    Great post! I promoted it to the front page.

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    Thanks Canuck,

    More on Flash,

    Adobe is in cooperation with the advertising community and develops their products in cooperation with them, with features that allow advertisers to use the Adobe Flash Player to infiltrate any computer using the Flash Player and place flash cookies on any user’s system. The Adobe Flash Player therefore as a result is very vulnerable to hackers, etc. If advertisers can use it to place Flash Cookies on a user’s system, a hacker can easily place a Trojan program or any other type program on anyone’s system. The Adobe Flash Player is especially vulnerable when a user allows the Flash Player to take control of their webcam and microphone hardware. The Adobe Flash Player is FREE to the user. Adobe does not charge the user for the Flash Player; they get paid by the advertisers. That’s how Adobe makes their money for Flash Player.

    And here,

    Interesting read,

    You Deleted Your Cookies? Think Again | Epicenter*|

    Compliments of Evilfantasy' s blog.
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    Nice article Canuck! In my eyes that constitutes invasion of privacy. Are there any alternatives for the Flash Player as there are for the Adobe Reader?

    Speaking of Evilfantasy.... I found this thread highly educational and I'm quite sure it will be very useful to me in the future.

    Flash Cookie cleaners by Evilfantasy

    Previously, I only knew of SASW and Ccleaner Slim for clearing these Flash Cookies from a system.

    If you think you might be infected with malware or have recently cleansed your computer of malware without the help of an expert, please read and follow the instructions in How to Start Removing Viruses and Spyware from your Computer. This can alleviate time consumed in trouble shooting your current computer problems.

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