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    Default Possibly helpful bodge/workaround for BSOD

    I recently had a problem with a very tricky BSOD while setting up an XP PC with some hardware upgrades. Basically we couldn't get into Windows at all, even in Safe Mode, and as the PC owner hadn't got a boot disc handy we couldn't use that route. The BSOD referred to FLTMGR.SYS. We got round this, to the extent that we could get into Windows and restore some backups from a USB drive, simply by using Windows Recovery Console (i.e. DOS in drag, in case you didn't realise) to rename FLTMGR.SYS to something else so Windows didn't find it at all.

    This turns out to be quite a powerful bodge (though it certainly needs fixing properly at the first opportunity!). Renaming files so Windows can't find them will very often not stop the system loading and performing basic functions, and when one is in a hurry and doesn't have bootable discs etc. to hand it's just one more way round tricky problems.

    Just thought I'd share!

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    Hi Richard and welcome to Help2Go. Thanks for the tip, I'm sure it will come in handy for others. Tips, such as yours we usually put in the Contributors forum, there's less chance of losing such advice there. I'll move it. We keep the Computer Help forum for answering computer problems such as your other thread. Your continued input is encouraged, we're a friendly site as I'm sure you will note and hope you put us in your bookmarks.