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    Default Turn Your Home Router Into a Super-Powered Router with DD-WRT

    Turn Your Home Router Into a Super-Powered Router with DD-WRT

    Not for is a Linux based firmware change
    Be sure and look at the compatibly list
    Wireless is everywhere and routers are the force that makes it happen, so why not supercharge yours to take proper advantage of it? DD-WRT will let you boost your router’s range, add features, and more.
    DD-WRT has a ton of features—more than we can cover in this guide, which is focused on helping you get your router upgraded. Stay tuned, as we’ll go into more depth in a couple more days on all the great things you can do with it, but even if you don’t use the additional features, DD-WRT is worth installing to make your router work better.
    I do not recommend it for Ethernet hookups...but seems a great way to go for super wireless

    Disclaimer: Not for all end-users

    Changing your router’s firmware can result in unintentional consequences,
    such as “bricking.” It’s unlikely, and we’ve never had a device that couldn’t be
    fixed in some way, but it’s important to understand that it’s a very real
    possibility. Just to be clear: you assume all responsibility for anything you
    do; we’re not liable for anything that should go wrong.

    As mentioned above, start with the Supported
    page to see if you’ve got a DD-WRT-friendly router. If you don’t see
    anything specific, or even if you do, check into the Router
    . Here, you’ll find links to forum pages of those who’ve completed
    the process for specific models/revisions, as well as the setbacks and
    workarounds they’ve found. Most importantly, you’ll find links to compatible
    versions of firmware
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    I prefer Tomato from PolarCloud, which I found more stable and easier to use. Not as many features, but enough for most.

    Only for Linksys and Broadcom-based routers.

    Tomato Firmware |