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    Default Firefox 4 Tip: Put the Tabs Back Where They Belong

    Firefox 4 Tip: Put the Tabs Back Where They Belong

    By Rick Broida, PCWorld Mar 25, 2011 8:20 AM

    As I wrote the other day, there's a lot to like about Firefox 4, but I could live without some of the interface changes. For example, I don't care for the Reload button sitting way over at the far end of the address bar. (Here's how I put it back where it belongs.)
    Another unwanted change: tabs now span the very top of the screen. Maybe that's "better" in some way, but it's not the way I like it. Thankfully, it's even easier to fix than the Reload button. Here's how:
    Click the new Firefox button (the orange one in the upper-left corner), then choose Options, Tabs on Top. (In other words, you're turning off that option.) Presto! Now your tabs are back below the address bar (where they belong, in my humble opinion).
    Don't see that orange Firefox button? Right-click in an empty area next to your open tab(s), then click Menu Bar. That'll turn off the more traditional drop-down menu toolbar and replace it with the Firefox button. (Actually, that same right-click menu also has the Tabs on Top option, so you can access it there just as easily.)
    Plus relocate the Reload button
    Firefox 4 Tip: Put the Reload Button Back Where It Belongs - PCWorld
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