While I do not agree with their opinion of IE9 and higher....there is some good info on setting up different Browser types in the link
This is mostly for improving website building....but is a great help to the end-user too

Applies to;

Internet Explorer



Setting up your browser - Syntactic accessible Web design

This page in the link below is deliberately very plain!
You can use it to check some key settings of your Web browser and to change them to suit your preferences and circumstances.
Many people never change or customise their browser's settings (preferences). Browser manufacturers try to ensure that the default settings are reasonable for everyone but there are obviously difficulties in achieving this.

Browsers are usually highly customisable. This page covers a few of the most essential settings concerned with the actual appearance of Web pages (on screen and when printed). You are probably using Microsoft Internet Explorer, which is the default Web browser for Windows. Don't forget that there is a choice of Web browsers and that you can install more than one.
BTW: Just for Information
Some may remember that I had a previous problem with Opera and viewing the H2G website
(the chat box was taking the complete page and the options were displayed vertically)
I solved the problem by unchecking "Fit to Width"....this was unique to Opera only
Tools>preferences>webpages>uncheck "Fit to Width">OK