How To Log Into The Desktop, Add a Start Menu, and Disable Hot Corners in Windows 8

I do not recommend or use this program...I am using Win 8 as is ....until time passes and new programs are tested
Many are switching to start up button shells and are having good luck...this thread is just to let you know that an option to add a Start Button in Win 8 does exist...downloading is your choice

I prefer to learn and use Win 8 it its pure form for awhile...abs
Start button in Win 8:

If you don't have a touchscreen computer and spend all your time on the desktop, Windows 8’s new interface can seem intrusive.

Microsoft won't allow you to disable the new interface, but Classic Shell provides the options Microsoft didn't.

In addition to providing a Start button, Classic Shell can take you straight to the desktop when you log in and disable the hot corners that activate the charms and metro app switcher.

There are other programs that do this, but Classic Shell is free and open-source. Many of the alternatives, such as Start8 and RetroUI, are commercial apps that cost money.

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