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    Default PowerShell 3.0 in Windows 8

    Microsoft Windows 8 PowerShell 3.0

    PowerShell is a wonderful command line equivalent of the Windows Explorer, taskmanager, or the DOS box.

    Instead of drilling down through countless GUI menus you can type a few Verb-Noun commands and get the job done quicker and with more precision.

    What's new in PowerShell 3.0? In a nutshell v 3.0 provides hundreds of extra cmdlets. There is also a neat Auto-Complete prompt to help selecting commands. However, the general improvements compared to v 2.0 are most useful for developers.
    Introduction to PowerShell
    Getting Started with PowerShell in Windows 8
    Windows 8 PowerShell Tutorial
    PowerShell Scripts in Windows 8
    What's New in PowerShell v 3.0
    PowerShell Tutorial: List Program .exe Files
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