How do I create a barcode in Microsoft Word?


Create mailing barcode for addresses in the United States
Open Microsoft Word
Click Tools
Click Envelopes and Labels
Type the Delivery address if necessary for the Envelope or Label
Click the Options button
Check the box for "Delivery point barcode"
Click ok

Other barcodes

In addition to being able to create mailing labels with mailing barcodes, you can download any of the hundreds of available barcode fonts to create your own barcodes. Keep in mind that there are several different symbologies of barcodes. This means that not all barcodes are the same and may not be supported by barcode readers or other programs.

Click here to open a search of available barcode fonts

In addition to getting barcode fonts, there are numerous third-party programs that can help keep track of barcodes and products that integrate with Microsoft Word.
Additional information

Note: See the barcode definition for further information and related links.

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