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    Default Spyware disabled the touchpad

    hi. I read your request for logs but I can't even get into anything on this computer. I hope you understand.

    we have a Sony vaio laptop with windows 7.

    Here's the issue. The touch pad moves the cursor but doesn't let you enter anything when you click it.

    I have tried

    Entering through safe mode but it still doesn't let you.

    I hit Ctrl Alt and screen for touchpad config and nothing.

    I followed a YouTube tutorial from Sony through F2 and the Bios screen and nothing.

    I can only get so far with using the enter key instead of the touchpad. Sometimes it lets me go to stuff and sometimes it doesn't. I can not get online with it. It asks what program do you want to use to open internet explorer. Also, our names have passwords to enter but now the passwords are gone.

    That's about as much info I can give. I hope you can help me. Thanks in advance.

    Reason why I Think it malware is because on the start up screen there's programs there we never downloaded.

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    Hi DWARE94,

    Let's see what options we have here......

    When you access the Advanced Boot Options menu (safe mode screen) are you able to navigate up or down with your arrow keys? If so, see if you can arrow down to Safe mode with Command Prompt and do a system restore to a time before this happened. See here for instructions.

    You could also try to choose Repair my computer and hit the Enter key on the keyboard? Does that work? If we can get into the Recovery Environment we might be able to do a system restore from there as well.

    Let me know if you need images as examples to follow and I can provide them.

    Have you tried a USB mouse? If you don't have one, maybe you could borrow one from a friend or family member, otherwise you can get a cheap one.

    I would prefer to try the System Restore.......

    Keep me informed as to what options we have available from your end. I do have another trick up my sleeve, if needed.
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