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    Default Print your HijackThis Logs

    Another very useful tool to use AFTER everything is running smoothly again, just about everyone already has one, is your printer !

    If you even have not submitted a HJT log for help, go ahead and run HJT and print it out (as well as save to your PC)and save with all your other documentation/manuals/disks/etc that you should have for each PC that you have.

    If you have problems down the road you can always pull out your printed HJT log and compare the two. This will show you what everything was when things were running well. It is much easier to look at a couple of sheets of printed text and one PC screen than to keep changing screens to compare two different logs than you have stored on the PC.

    PLEASE for your own good, if your going to run HJT program either to submit or just for your own info, do it from a permanent file. Do not have it stored in a temporary file or to your desk top. These files can be hard to find after a period of time. You will not be able to undo changes that you made, using HJT, if can not find the log.

    Surfing/using the Web is no longer safe and easy. It requires knowledge anymore to avoid serious problems. You must continue to learn everyday as so are those folks that want to make to make your PC junk everyday, for what ever reason they have. Also load and run all the programs that Steamwiz recommends on how to keep your PC safe. None of these are big, demanding programs on your PC resources.

    You must always have an up and running Anti virus, whether it is one that costs or is free. A firewall is also highly recommended. If you are on XP/ME that the Restore is turned on. The best Anti virus in the world is the one that is behind your eyes and between your ears THINK ! Becoming informed can save you a lot of heartache.

    Always watch your emails, never open an email especially with an attachment unless you know who it is from, for sure. I still get e mails that say they are from Microsoft that contain fixes/patches that I know that are NOT from Microsoft. (MS never sends e mails that have attachments).

    If you do have problems we will do our best to help, but this site requires
    "self help " on YOUR part. If you have a problem, like with a HiJack, don't simply type "Help" in the subject line and then post a log. With the volume of help requests we have we don't have time to both to figure out your question and the answer too. Tell us something ! The better the info the better and faster the help. It is up to you how you are helped.

    If you have run the Required things, tell us. If you have sought help from another help site, tell us, if you deleted things from your HJT log, tells us.

    We are here to help you,you need to state what the problem is. If you help us, we will bust our back side to help have an enjoyable PC experience.


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