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    Hello everyone,
    I was asked by my neice to look at her PC because it was running very slow, I did what I could to uninstall some unwanted programs and emptyed her temp internet files and did a defrag. The machine runs a little better now but, when I try to download any of the suggested programs such as hijackthis, ccleaner, avg ect I get a message saying that the security settings will not let me download. I have enabled all the security settings and the MS firewall but I still get the same message. This PC has some serious issues what am I missing? what do I try now? I do know how to change security parameters, I get the same message in safe mode. If anyone can help I thank you in advance. You guys rule!

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    Is this the same computer as in this thread ?,26486/

    If you can't download anything then it is most probably your security settings ...

    In IE click Tools > Internet options > security tab > make sure internet is highlighted & click custom level

    At the bottom > click the button to reset the custom settings to medium

    If you still can't download, then download hijackthis to another computer, & transfer it across to the problem computer via floppy, CD or flash drive ...

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