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CDex : A Tutorial for Turning CDs into MP3s and more

by Don Walker
February 17, 2004

CDex is an excellent free program for "ripping" your CDs into MP3 or WAV files. Read on for Don Walker's extensive 10-part tutorial on using CDex from start to finish.

What do we see in the CDex main window? ALL OF THE TOOLS WE WILL NEED!
Tool Bar Commands

- 1. Convert CD Tracks to WAV files on your hard drive.
- 2. Convert CD Tracks to MP3 files on your hard drive.
- 3. Convert partial CD Tracks to WAV or MP3 files on your hard drive.
- 4. Convert WAV files on your hard drive to MP3 files on your hard drive.
- 5. Convert MP3 files on your hard drive to WAV files on your hard drive.
- 6. Get CD Track Names from the remote CDDB (Internet)
- 7. Open the Setting dialog for configuring CDex.

What is CDex?
CDex is a FREE CD Track Ripper tool that can do the following:
- Copy Music CD tracks to your hard drive as MP3 or WAV files.
- Download CD Track names from the WEB or your local data base of tracks.
- Automatically fill-in the MP3 tag fields based on downloaded data.
- As you rip CD tracks CDex will build a playlist for WINAmp.
- And much much more!

For a complete list of features in CDex go to the CDex Home page and to download CDex go to the CDex Download Page.

Below is a layout of the CDex Control Bar. These are the controls for playing a Music CD.

The best way to use this Tutorial is to start with lesson 1. and go through lesson 10. Each lesson builds on the previous one. I hope this tutorial helps you learn and use CDex which I think is an excellent CD Ripper application. And, as it's author says, "And, it's Free."

Tutorial #1 : Getting Started

Tutorial #2 : Setting Up

Tutorial #3 : File Structure

Tutorial #4 : Getting Track Names from the Internet (CDDB)

Tutorial #5 : Ripping CD Tracks to MP3 Files

Tutorial #6 : Ripping CD Tracks to WAV Files

Tutorial #7 : Convert WAV Files to MP3

Tutorial #8 : Convert MP3 Files to WAV

Tutorial #9 : Rip Partial CD Tracks

Tutorial #10 : Burn MP3 to CD Using Adaptec Easy CD Creator 4

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