• Protect Your Computer: Turn Off Java

    As we discussed in a previous article, Java has become the #1 way for malicious hackers to break into your computer, using Java's numerous security problems to install malware, viruses, or password stealers. This is a problem for ANY computer with Java installed, PC or Mac.

    The worst part is, the vast majority people have NO use for Java on their computer. Java is a relic of the early 2000s, when Java applets added needed functionality to web browsers. It has long been surpassed by other technologies. It is time to remove Java from your computer. Here's how.

    You have 2 options for removing Java from your computer. If you don't know what Java is, and haven't seen the Java logo (see image), then you likely have never used it and can remove it once and for all (Option #1 below). If, in the very unlikely event you find that you do need Java sometime in the future, you can always reinstall it from the Java website.

    If you have seen the Java logo recently, and aren't sure if you want to completely remove it, you can disable it from running in your web browser. See Option #2 below.

    Option #1: Remove Java Completely

    Luckily, this is quite easy. Click on Start -> Settings ->Control Panel -> Add/Remove Programs. Find any entries that begin with "Java 2" - it should be something like "Java Runtime Environment". Remove it and then restart your computer. All done!

    Option #2: Disable Java in your Web Browser

    This depends on which web browser you use.


    1. Click on Tools in the Firefox menu
    2. Choose Add-ons
    3. Choose the Plugins tab
    4. Click on any entries that start with Java
    5. Click Disable

    Internet Explorer:

    1. Click on Tools in the IE menu
    2. Choose Internet Options
    3. Click on the Programs tab, then click on Manage Add-ons
    4. Click on any entries that start with Java
    5. Click Disable

    Google Chrome:

    1. In the address bar, type: "about: plugins"
    2. Find the Java plugins and click Disable


    1. Click on the Edit menu and choose Preferences
    2. Choose the Security icon
    3. Uncheck the box that says "Enable Java"
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    1. PixarPride's Avatar
      PixarPride -
      Oh wow! That's INSANE! I was not aware
      And the computer with all the viruses at our place had Java.

      In my computer class we're using Turing, but in Grade 11 they go into Java.
      After reading that, I'm a little worried. Why would they keep Java if it's unnecessary?
      Or is the school board just unaware?
    1. Deva's Avatar
      Deva -
      Fair enough, but if you are running open office can you remove Java and will open office still function properly or is a reinstall required?
    1. MrDarn's Avatar
      MrDarn -
      The best way would be to test it.

      Its a simple reinstall if it is required.
    1. arraknid's Avatar
      arraknid -
      Unless you use Base a lot, the rest of OpenOffice works fine with only a very few shortcomings. I use OpenOffice every day without Java installed, and have never been prompted to install it.

      More info here... Java and OpenOffice.org - OpenOffice.org Wiki